Infuse your brand with love & create a positive impact business

Infuse your brand with heart & create a positive impact business | Rebecca Hawkes

Love is more than the things we buy each other. In fact, I think ‘gifts’, as a love language is misguided as our thoughts, feelings and intentions mean so much more than opening our wallets. But if the answer is not reliant on buying more than how can we infuse love into our brand and …

26 ways to consume less & create more

26 ways to consume less & create more | Rebecca Hawkes

With the approach of Black Friday and the intense consumerist drive it gives us annually, why not pair back instead and focus on what is important. Embracing the concept of ‘minimalism’ and the less serious statement of ‘who the heck is going to mention your expensive shoes at your funeral?’. I ask myself and you, …

Eating sustainably in Copenhagen

Eating sustainably in Copenhagen | Kost in Vesterbro | by Rebecca Hawkes

Denmark, stands out with a reputation and perception of sustainability. The Danes were born with a bike between their legs, windmills on their coastline and organic food filling the lunch plates in schools. In recent years they have become known for the lengths they go to make organic and eco friendly sourced products the staple …