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To kids from 1 to 92…a free digital download for you!

The subject line of this post is little quote from my favourite Christmas song, ‘The Christmas Song’, my preference on version goes to Nat King Cole. But instead of the line ‘Merry Christmas to you’ you get a free download! As we all slumber down for the holiday period I wish you an indulgent break …

Wallpaper your mind | Maisie Noble

I love a fresh new wallpaper on my laptop. Unfortunately I am one of those people that keeps all the programs open and all the tabs on my browser up. Just in case. (Some how my logic says that it’s quicker when I go back to my screen?) What feels fresher and proactive, is to …

To Do : Draw your grocery list

It seems that hand-lettering is having quite a moment. With Molly Jacques designing over at Nike, and products on the shelves of the supermarket covered in hand-created marks, it seems as though lettering is filling up all my social media feeds. I think as technology prevails we are delighting in the tactility and skills of …

Design & Fashion…Meet & Take a Calligraphy Class

Design & Fashion…Meet & Holiday in Cannes

Design & Fashion…Meet & fly to the tropics

Design & Food…Meet & Discover Aphrodisiacs

Design & Fashion…Meet and make magic

Design & Art…Meet and dance the night away

Design & Interior…Meet & redecorate their love nest