Working with clients that want to go above and beyond. My core aim is to highlight your authenticity and unique message for thoughtful living.


I am an Oslo-based graphic designer, consciously creating designs for brands that want to go above and beyond. Originally a Londoner, I use my nomadic heart, my design studio and my capabilities to work with clients that need my help no matter their geo-location.

A fascination with the possibility of creating something visual from just an idea, lead me down the path of studying fashion promotion and after graduating, working extensively with brands in this field.


My work is built around the principles of simplicity, authenticity and elegant problem solving. I believe in extraordinary stories, looking for the unique, the small and the magic in the everyday. I combine elements of design to bring balance and harmony. My work will allow you to visually connect with and impact your audience.

Embracing eco living and sustainability in my own daily routine, I am passionate about blending ethics with aesthetics. I believe the two can go hand in hand, and I love to work with people who push those boundaries. Inspired by a trip to South Asia, my own journey started with a plant-based diet, which over four years later has lead me to adopt a compassionate mindset into every area of my life and work. Working with clients that want to go above and beyond, my core aim is to highlight your authenticity and unique message for thoughtful living.

Clients & Collaborations

  • + Volt Magazine
  • + Factory45
  • + Modern Minerals
  • + Mother London
  • + 7th Man Magazine
  • + The Good Trade
  • + Glass Magazine
  • + Heart Wide Open

Happy Customers

“I have worked in fashion publishing for almost twenty years and Rebecca Hawkes is one of the finest designers

I have worked with to date.


Her unrivalled talent, attention to detail and style make the perfect combination to answer most of our luxury brand focussed briefs.”

+ Stephen White, White & Richardson

“Working with Rebecca is always such a pleasure! She is an incredibly gifted designer and lovely person to work with. She has elevated our brand significantly through her branding and design work, and provided additional creative direction across multiple projects. We adore her!”

+ AmyAnn Cadwell, The Good Trade

“We have known and worked with Rebecca Hawkes for the past 5 years, as a designer. Rebecca is an incredibly talented individual. Very few people are capable of sustaining such level of talent.”

+ Rui Faria, Editor at Volt Magazine

“Her creativity and understanding of our brand resulted in beautiful editorial layouts, letting the images through the magazine flow and show their beauty to the fullest.”

+ Cecillie Harris, Editor at Boys by Girls Magazine


Each project is unique but somethings stay the same.

Instead of working for clients, I work with them. In fact I like to think of my clients as ‘collaborators’ as connection is at the heart of every project. Taking on the adventure together, I believe we discover the best ideas and create our best work together. Through my process we will pin-point what makes your brand unique and align the design to your aims and goals to resonate with your audience.

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