Leaving Oslo

This post is a long time coming and even three months after the fact I do not have the words to describe packing up all belongings to fit within the space of a backpack and to leave my adopted home of Oslo.

One of the most vulnerable decisions I have made but one fuled by wanderlust that I had avoided doing much about, instead just looking to others trips with envy and fulfilling my travel bug with shorter journeys. The truth is I have always wondered about this lifestyle (of constant travel) and with my current situation whereby I can create no matter my geo-location only fear was holding me back.

So far I have travelled to Denmark for the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, ventured around Iceland, taken trains all the way from London to Sicily stopping in many countries along the way and residing in Italy for a month. You can see more from my journeys here and I hope to keep this space updated more often. Below is a video I took just before I left Oslo.