Living is in the Adventure

It is difficult to pack up your stuff, and leave town. I know this deeply right now as I attempt to untangle myself from years of home-making to once again hitch a backpack on and take to the road. There is limitations in not just the ‘stuff’ and ‘things’ we surround ourselves with but also with the limitations beliefs that go around on repeat internally. You can decide to over come, no matter how difficult, the stories of deprivation, of un-worthyness and decide to live. I believe that truly feeling alive, fully showing up and living is all about taking the adventure that scares you a little.

I have my own stories, false and some with more than a grain of truth that play amongst my memories and musings. They have told me that I cannot afford to take that opportunity and that doing certain things are too risky, a relentless worry of ‘What do I do if this happens?’ or ‘What would happen if you lost this?’. I am just as scared as you are, if not more. With this fear however I have learnt that when I push beyond, freedom, passion and adventure feels so sweet. Today I am sharing some of the photos from a solo trip I took back in October to California.

I was all types of scared when I set off on a ten hour flight from home to a place I had never been, with only a vague plan on how to get from the top of the state to the bottom without a drivers licence. I had never been so far away from home unaccompanied and without too much of a back up plan. In addition I did not have a huge stack of money to fall back on. But I made the trip anyway. There was a whole load of reasons or excuses not to leave but never any regrets.

There are things we are all scared to do. Things that both thrill us and dare us into our fully potential. You don’t have to take huge leaps into your dreams (but you will get there quicker) and baby steps will test you to keep trying. Push the boundaries and feel alive.

I will be posting more of my travel photos here as I set off with all my belongings in a backpack. To follow along and in addition receive a whole bunch of tips, free templates and downloads and advice to make your freelance life that much better, join the collective!