The Minimalist Marketing Guide

The Minimalist Marketing Guide | How to intentionally connect with your people without getting burnt out

Every week I talk with my clients and I hear that they are tired of trying out each and every marketing tip, worn out from being on all the social media platforms and frustrated that their time is disappearing without reaching their audiences. Just like the theory of ‘minimalism’ more is not always better. Here are simple ways the methods of minimalism can declutter your to-do list. You can start creating better content, while using less time and build your community.

Find your why, your who & then your how

Knowing your ‘why’ is key. Your why is the reason you get out of your bed in the morning. Why your work needs to be seen and why your product or service is different from anything else there is on the market. You have passion and drive, now all you need is the focus.

Next comes the ‘who’. Who is your idea for? Who will your brand help? With a clear vision of your audience you can work out the ‘how’; How are you going to make their life easier, better, more fulfilling? By answering these questions you can make sure what you are offering has a purpose and then you can begin to connect in a meaningful way.

Brain dump your ideas

If you are anything like me, coming up with creative endeavours is not hard. I can easily find a topic I find fascinating and before you know it my brain is trying to find a way to fit it into my brand. This is perfect if you a) have all the time in the world or b) are starting a new venture and are testing out ideas to see what sticks. In the long run of your business, however, it is distracting and you end up looking like you have no idea what you are doing.

Without focus your purpose gets lost. Your message is diluted and your audience is left confused. The solution? Get your ideas down on paper. When everything is outside your cluttered brain you can once again begin to see clearly.

Get essential

Why does this idea matter? Will it get you closer to your future goal? Will it reach the people that you are aiming for?

Take your paper, your dump of ideas and look for the gems. For each ask the questions above to work out if they stay consistent to what you stand for. Are they going to help you reach your goals or is it a task that is just a distraction?

Set exciting goals

What do you really want?

A simple question and one that in theory should charge up your imagination to think of all the incredible opportunities life could present to you. Instead of thinking big, we play small. This grand question is scary and instead of thinking on a grand scale we can only look as far as the days tasks, the end of the week or the month if we are really lucky.

Set exciting goals that both fill you with excitement and scare you a little. If they do, you know you will be learning and challenging yourself along the journey.

The Minimalist Marketing Guide | How to intentionally connect with your people without getting burnt out

Quality over quantity.

There will always be more social media channels you can be on, more sites to update and places to contribute to.

More is not better. More is the reason we feel burnt out by the end of the day and our energy is used up quicker than we can replenish it with coffee.

A certain platform or practice may fill you with excitement as you engage with your fans, another may feel like more like work you have to do. If you are just creating or updating because you were told to, you are adding more work to your to-do list without rhyme or reason.

Find out where your audience spend their time and go to them. Your community is out there and the more time you can spend finding them, talking to them and sharing with them in their online home is so much more rewarding then blasting the same words across the web.

It is the difference between shouting your message through a megaphone in the streets to meeting with a collaborator in their favourite café.

Focus on what you’re doing

Our feeds are flooded with other people’s work, their own product launches and their seemingly organised and successful lives. It is easy to fall into the trap of comparison. In fact I would go as far as to say it is unavoidable when scrolling through our feeds.

As difficult as it is, try and focus on what you are putting out to the world rather than what others are doing. Test out taking appointed times away from social media, or put a block on those channels if it is too tempting. When we are looking outside ourselves we become distracted and reactive to others whims and ideas.

Don’t look at your email as soon as you wake up or scroll through your social media to count the new likes and comments. Instead focus upon what you want to do with your day, what you want to achieve and who you are going to help.

Organise & Schedule

Your ideas are multi-faceted, there are so many ways that you can help your audience and you often get lost in connecting your ideas to a message. By organising and scheduling the ways you interact with your fan base you free up your own time.

Take inspiration from twitter eco, Jack Dorsey who sets each day of the work week with a theme. On Mondays you can make sure to schedule all your social media content or only focus on meeting with you creative team. Set times of day that you want to work. Let your collaboraters the best times or ways to get in touch with you. Having a routine and schedule sets you up to be consistent and create without the worry of trying to do all the “things” at the same time.

Craft a brand

Now you have a sense of direction you can craft your brand to resonate with your people. You are clear on your why, your who, and by having a strong branding presence you are able to stay consistent. Brand visuals are not just there to make your brand look attractive (although it does help) they are there to resonate with your audience and send your message out to the world so it is heard.

Consistent visuals solve the problem of where and how you will show up, it takes the pressure off when you know your clients get your ideas. The end result? Your brand is recognisable before you have even typed a word.

Want your brand visuals to speak for you without the worry of not reaching your people? I go further into focussing on your brands core message, and ways to make your day to day outreach simpler in The Brand Detox. Sign up for free!