Infuse your brand with love & create a positive impact business

Infuse your brand with heart & create a positive impact business | Rebecca Hawkes

Love is more than the things we buy each other. In fact, I think ‘gifts’, as a love language is misguided as our thoughts, feelings and intentions mean so much more than opening our wallets. But if the answer is not reliant on buying more than how can we infuse love into our brand and businesses? 

Showing up with the intention of putting love into the world, however, is different. Doing so with the work we do every day is even better. Positioning your brand with the idea that you can shift the paradigm, challenge the ways leaders have traditionally run their businesses and constantly questioning the ways we can help.

Creating a positive impact is inspiring as happiness is infectious and good vibes make us feel good. All too often, it feels as though the masses are against us. Bad news in the headlines of both media and our social feeds imparts waves of negativity, drowning the sparks of innovation. We feel like a tiny cog in the machine of a failing system. A world that is in antipodean to our beliefs, morals and values. The odds are stacked against us.

Or so we are to believe if we delve too far into the negativity. If we overlook the video of strangers sharing flowers and instead turn our attention to the bad news flooding feeds moment after moment, we forget that good things are happening all around us.

Your thoughts matter. Your actions have effect. You can make a difference. Each positive movement is a combination of single minds coming together. Change is more than you can directly see. It is in the lives that you have directly affected and then the message you passed on snowballs as they engage with others.

It doesn’t need to be hard work to make a difference, and even the smallest change can have the largest repercussions. Below I share simple ways I have found to show love, while running a business.

Infuse your brand with heart & create a positive impact business | Rebecca Hawkes

Show love to your body

‘Eat food, not too much, mainly plants’ – Michael Polen

Your dollars mean a lot to businesses and you get to choose what you support with them. Deciding not to not support the broken animal agriculture system is a huge shift you can make in your daily life. Sending the message that you don’t agree with the way your food was created, by simply switching out the products in your basket. It has never been simpler to incorporate plant-based food into your diet, with the internet at your fingers to discover delicious version of your favourites or easily swap your diary for the equivalent made of plants (example: cows milk to oat milk).

Showing love to your fellow animal can start with just one meal or choosing to buy from places you trust (aka eating local or organic). No matter what aligns with your values, eating more plants sets the intention to love your body and offer up healthy energy to your loved ones and your business. Choosing a healthy energy source sets you up for productivity and investing in your best resource; yourself.

Show love by supporting your community and neighbours.

When you support your local makers, someone literally does a happy dance. Who wouldn’t want to add a spontaneous dance to someone else’s day? Supporting your fellow creative makers, business owners and entrepreneurs is aligning yourself with your own community. You know first hand the connection you feel when your products are bought or an order comes through. You get to create that moment for them.

Show love with time or money

Charities and communities have the potential to transform your time and coins into real impact. Auteurism in your community, is one of the simplest way you can create change for those around you and see a transformation. It could be a monthly pledge, or donating your time to help those in need.

Pick an area that aligns with your values and then start thinking creatively. You may have skills that directly can help out. You may be an incredible organiser and there events board needs direction. You may be a wiz with marketing and their email send outs have been missing the mark.

Show love by creating ‘moments’

We all remember experiences more than material objects. We remember that trip to Italy over the rug bought for the bedroom floor. By gifting or creating moments for those around us we hand out laughter, we share our lives and we re-engage in one another’s company.

Inviting a perception of giving moments in daily life as well as on special occasions opens you up to opportunities and interactions that may change the way you see the world. You can have meaningful conversations, getting down to the ‘nitty gritty’. Be open, and experience play again for the first time in a long time.

Creating moments can be a s simple as booking a meal with your nearest and dearest or as inexpensive as talking to your neighbour on the bus. For me I look to create moments in my business by celebrating my clients wins, their launch and dancing alongside them when they reveal their new visuals to the world. 

Infuse your brand with heart & create a positive impact business | Rebecca Hawkes

Show love by sharing

You have enviable skills and knowledge. Others wish that they had your background knowledge. Show love by helping them; teach your expertise. No matter how much you doubt your own bank of experience and skills, you have lived through challenges that others have yet to. You have launched your ideas where others are seeking out how to.

Reply to the assistant asking to buy you a coffee, offer up a talk at your local Creative Mornings event or if you are in Oslo come to one of our Out of Studio ( events where we sit around a table and help each other work through our ideas.

Show love by creating

Your business ideas have the potential to change lives. You may feel like you are just selling a product but that product has the potential to do business differently. Will your product use natural ingredients that do not deplete the environment? Will you offer positions in your company to the underprivileged? Can you offer a giving back system where a percentage of profits help those in need?

Working from your values and setting the intention of your business to help others and put more positivity and love back into the world can have dramatic effects. We have the opportunity to assemble how modern businesses look. Our business can have heart and create good in the world while supporting our ideas and asperations.

Your aims to put positivity into the world, to create businesses that switch up the paradigm, give back to your community without depleting the environment have an impact.

In my own business I give back by helping businesses with core values that align with my own. My collaborators believe in sustainability and are shaking up the fashion and beauty world to focus upon the talented makers, the natural benefits of plants, and pay it forward with awe-inspiring mission statements.

This year for every client project I book, we are planting trees. Investing in the future with my business is not a marketing strategy but a message that reflects my core values. I believe in the future of our world and that each of us can leave a legacy of positivity and growth.

Grow with us and plant a tree. I am currently have a few spaces free in the coming months and would love to take your spark and transforming it into a brand that shifts the way people think!

All sorted for design and visuals? Join our community instead and share what you know, your thoughts and ideas.