Fail, fail, learn & repeat | 7

Fail, fail, learn, repeat | a blog series on admitting and learning from your mistakes by Rebecca Hawkes

A blog series of admitting and learning from your mistakes. Far too often I find we are afraid to admit to ourselves and others when we make mistakes. We take them as failures and that they will weaken our abilities, harming our ego and damaging our talents. However, everything in life can teach us something, even the things that don’t go to plan. In fact sometimes even more so the things that challenge us, leave us with the best education of all! Do not despair, admit the failures. Make them over and over and learn.

This weeks failures & successes

+ Creating. I would of loved to have spent more of this week visually creating, but as with all things some weeks will be spent more with administration than others and vice versa. I am looking forward to collaborating and reaching out to inspiring people.

+ Keeping track of when I am meeting people and be more realistic about when I will too tiered to be a sociable person.

+ Becoming sick. Hard to predict and not really a failure but it would be nice to have a fall back plan for when I cannot work or take meetings. Luckily my schedule was flexible and some creative work was completed while wrapped in a blanket on the sofa.

+ Finding new spaces to create with + Discovering new brands and having really exciting project meetings + Getting lots of emails under control + Organising my time a little better so I could spend time with family and friends while still working.