The simple things

The simple things | Sustainably living the graphic designer life by Rebecca Hawkes

We all have those things that get us through the day as well as making it infinitely better. Simple and easy things. The type of things you have dedicated so little time thinking about because they fit so seamlessly into your routine.

Sometimes it is the simple things that free your mind up to focus on more important tasks such as where is the closest bakery located and did I remember to leave the house today.

Avocado on Toast

I admit to my clichĂ© in food trends but my love for the green stuff atop a well toasted slice of Danish rye bread is undeniable. Five years ago when I had yet to discover how delicious a plant-based diet could be, I was in the dark about the life-changing, creamy deliciousness of the alligator pear (yes that is their name in parts of the world. I also am in love with this fact). Luckily I making up for all the decades of ‘avo-deprival’ and most breakfasts served up on the daily look a little like this.

Tips: Salt & pepper are a must, but also a squeeze of lemon or a grating of fresh ginger give a fresh alternate.

Clippers green tea with lemon(available here)

First discovered while working on a shoot in London this was the first green tea that changed my mind about the sometimes bitter beverage. Unlike some green tea the addition of the lemon taste lightens it up and adds a bit of fruitiness. I am a full convert to all greens but to start the day, having an easy light drink is perfect.

Now when in the UK, I stock up on a large box and am usually to be found drinking at least one cup of these a day. Usually I get bored with tea flavours and am always on the search for a new blend but regardless, most of the time I end up choosing my ‘bog-standard’ (British for standard/regular) cuppa.

P.S. No paid for advocation 😉 I just love the product!

Homemade deodorant

As an advocate for sustainable and vegan living, I have spent a good deal of my time trying out natural deodorants. The trials and tribulations have been very hit and miss. Especially when what you want most in a deodorant is to be able to count on it lasting the whole day.

Enter the diy version. I wasn’t totally convinced when making this the first time as the ingredient list is short and simple but it works so well that sometimes I don’t even remember to reapply the day after and I’m still smelling sweet. I have tested this while working 8 hour shifts in hot cafĂ©s and through long travel journeys where sweating is expected. It works. It makes life easier.

Added benefit is that you can tailor it to your scent preferences by adding in a few drops of essential oils. My go to – lemon and tea tree oil or eucalyptus.

The simple things | Sustainably living the graphic designer life by Rebecca Hawkes


I live a digital life. Most of my days are spent on the laptop or on my phone so having a little back to basics is good for me. I love the ease of carrying a small notebook with me for when ideas pop up or for writing longer projects by hand. Nothing will ever beat the feeling of literally ticking off items from a to do list.

Also my go to pens? Always Muji black liners


The quickest, cheapest and greenest way to get around town. This form of transport really sums up the beauty of simplicity. In Oslo I can just roll down the hill to the best cafés in town and in Copenhagen (where I am currently living this Autumn), you could not find a better way to get around, with dedicated bike lanes and a flat terrain. I am not looking forward to the winter months (I am more of a fair-weather kinda cyclist due to sticky waterproof gear) where my bike will get stored away but this summer on wheels has felt like freedom.