Fail, Fail, Learn, Repeat | 5

Fail, fail, learn, repeat | a blog series on admitting and learning from your mistakes by Rebecca Hawkes

A blog series of admitting and learning from your mistakes. Far too often I find we are afraid to admit  to ourselves and others when we make mistakes. We take them as failures and that they will weaken our abilities, harming our ego and damaging our talents. However, everything in life can teach us something, even the things that don’t go to plan. In fact sometimes even more so the things that challenge us, leave us with the best education of all! Do not despair, admit the failures. Make them over and over and learn.

This weeks failures

– Not planning in advance. I have a tendency on occasion to ‘fly by the seat on my pants’, i.e. I leave things to the last minute with the faith that everything will work itself out in the end. A little more structure and planning and I would save myself so much heart ache and worry.

– Work hours will make you feel so much more productive and with freedom to create both inside and out of this schedule. I think this is the ongoing struggle of being a creative freelancer and is repeated almost weekly!

– Check and double check before emailing clients with important information. Alas it is all too easy to press send and oh too hard to delete or take back.

– Taking more photos! I am in Copenhagen now and this place was made to be seen through the lens of a camera. Too often I am taking the same routes around town, not looking up or not bringing my camera because it is heavy and inevitably gives me back ache.


+ Talking to new people in cafés, understanding at least a little Danish, attending creative events, finding the perfect apartment for a creative residency, working from cute coffee shops with other creative friends, setting up Skype calls, doing the paper work that I usually avoid like the plague.