Fail, Fail, Learn, Repeat | 4

Fail Fail Learn Repeat Series | Rebecca Hawkes Diary

In this blog series ‘Fail, fail, learn & repeat’ instead of looking at failure in it’s negative form, I turn it self on its head as an opportunity to learn and develop. Here’s five lessons I can take from this week:

+ Self-limiting beliefs. Oh gosh, we all have them from time to time, usually daily and unfortunately they compromise our ability to get shit done! This week I have felt like without structure and open briefs that I don’t know where to begin. The truth is, I have the ideas, I just need to listen to my instincts and forge my own path.

+ Finding a chilled café and a set deadline does wonders for my productivity. So does coffee on tap. That makes my fingers go so much faster when I type!

+ Finding a friend to work with actually makes me feel more motivated and helps when feedback is needed.

+ Write email with a purpose! Instead of finishing that email with ‘Thanks for your time’ or ‘Let me know what you think’, I have found asking to set up our next meeting or with a question that requires an answer to be so much more successful at starting a dialogue with someone.

+ Write appointments in that schedule! Guilty as charged.