Fail, Fail, Learn & Repeat | 3

Fail Fail Learn Repeat Series | Rebecca Hawkes Diary

In this blog series ‘Fail, fail, learn & repeat’ instead of looking at failure in it’s negative form, I turn it self on its head as an opportunity to learn and develop. Here’s five lessons I can take from this week:

+ If you are prepared to work without the internet, than the garden in the shade makes a great workplace (even better if you can surround yourself with “peep” sounds from chickens)

+ To give myself space to work. Routine works up to some level but I do need time off to breath, get some exercise and pursue other creative hobbies that are not tied into work.

+ Reach out. The people you admire and feel a little envious of could actually be great collaborators. If you write your emails in the right way by offering up the services you can help them with rather than the other way around you don’t come across as needy but instead feels a lot more empowering.

+ Always double check names before sending off emails! I hate when this happens and comes across as rude or as if you have just copied your message over. Simple but so easy to come across as insincere.

+ If ideas aren’t coming don’t force them. Too often I get the idea in my head that I can batch a lot of my writing or tasks but when the words aren’t flowing that day it is near to impossible to create anything that I feel proud enough to put out into the world.