5 things I learnt from my re-design


Thinking of taking on a re-design of your brand or are already half way through the process and feel like the end is no where in sight? I feel you as what you see here was very different a few weeks ago and yet still it took months of hard work and back and forth with my coder to get everything just right. But boy is it worth it!

The things I have gained from my own re-design –

+ Clarity on my goals with my business and where I want to progress to. I first got into freelance design with little more than a passion to create. A fab place to start but it was not nearly enough to sustain me. With more of a vision I was able to align visuals with what I want in my own life.

+ A brand that looks and feels like ‘me’. Oh yes it’s hard to place what the ‘me’ in the equation is and I am not telling you that going off on a retreat to ‘find yourself’ is the key to running a brand that feels authentic, but getting clear on my own style made it feel so much better when presenting my work to clients.

+ My website is not for me, it’s there for my clients. Although I love the way it looks I needed to be sure that it would be easy for other to navigate and get around. It is so easy to forget this point and yes I can admit at points in the process I did. While putting the finishing touches on the site a close friend pointed out, that although it looked fab, there was no email address or contact details. I don’t need to tell you how important this is!

+ Everything just fits. My message is consistent and my clients can come to my site, or my social media pages and know exactly what they are getting when they hire me.

+ I feel proud to send people to my work again. I can share with abandon with the knowledge that my brand stands for who I am, my values and my style.

Going through the process my self I can see the easy route –
hire someone else.

One of the reasons my own redesign took so long was that I thought I could do it all myself. A list of excuses to why my business couldn’t take off – ” I need to learn to code first” , ” I will just build it myself on WordPress”, “If I just do a little every day and work really hard, I can do it“. Yes I am a designer so the bulk of the aesthetics came from me but I am not a coder.

In the end I realised I was stalling and the reason it wasn’t happening was that pure and simple rule: life gets in the way. I had better things to do like working on my clients branding, feeding myself and not driving myself crazy trying to get things just right when it is not my area of expertise.

Sometimes you just need to take the simple and easiest route. Invest in yourself and brand, then do what you do best!


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