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Eco Friendly Fashion | Rebecca Hawkes Diary

I have worked within the fashion industry for over five years, I studied fashion promotion for three years at university and bought into so many magazines my bookshelves cannot hold them all. One thing that has always been bizzare is that I have never been much of a clothing shopper. I love the creativity behind the images, the fantasy and the ability to create something so much more than the sum of its parts but the actual “clothing a human body” part has never really interested me. That is why when designs show up on my feed, and for the right reasons (they are created with putting good into the world when it comes to production, ethics and fabric choices) I take notice. Here are just some of the brands that are putting clothes out into the world that I can imagine in my wardrobe. Pieces that will last few several seasons, trends and be easy to put together when winter comes and you find you have to wear everything you own at once*.

*That’s the secret behind ‘Scandinavian’ style. It tends to be monochrome so that no matter the weather everything can be worn at once and won’t clash. Or at least that’s my method.

Featured –
+ Diarte at The Acey
+ Kowtow
+ Kowtow
+ Kowtow
+ Hackwith Designs
+ Komodo at The Acey