Fail, Fail, Learn, Repeat

Fail Fail Learn Repeat Series | Rebecca Hawkes Diary

Today I launch a new series that I like to call ‘fail, fail, learn, repeat’. It is a well known that in order to play big, learn and push yourself forward, then ‘failure’ (and what ever you count under that banner) will come your way. Instead of looking at this as a negative, there are many examples out there of how much ‘failure’ the most successful people have overcome. It can be argued that they are successful because they stood up to the scary feeling of failure and still pursued the job, the movie script or the product. So instead of looking at failure in it’s negative form, let’s turn it self on its head as an opportunity to learn and develop. Here’s five lessons I can take from this week:

+ Launching does not instantly make clients come knocking at your virtual door. Most people will not care about it as much as you do and the huge spike in views were at least 50% caused by you re-visiting the page to remind yourself of how much better it looks (and to make the navigate button swirl again)

+ Peanut butter & bananas can make a pretty satisfactory snack. Bonus points if you work from a home studio, as I do, where there are no witnesses to you eating it from a spoon.

+ Making to-do lists don’t necessarily correspond with productivity. Neither does looking on Pinterest for ‘ideas’.

+ Getting some exercise (although sometimes begrudgingly) does help with a fresh frame of mind and productivity. Even riding my bike to a nearby café makes me feel a whole lot more likely to get some constructive work done.

+ I may have hay-fever. Even if not proved by science (or the fact that I have never had it before) that does not stop me from using it as a valid excuse to stay in bed longer.