Owning up to fears and living authentic

Rebecca Hawkes Diary ~ Owning up to fears and living authenticIn the face of “the jump” do you do it? Even if you know that the ‘worse case scenario’ actually isn’t all too bad and that the ‘best case’ could be magnificent, it is still that lump in the throat and the constant social media checking that delays us from putting our true selves out there for the world to see. How often do we choose to play big, feel the fear and do it anyway or any of those other cliches that ring true when running your own business?

Putting ideas out there without a sense of fear that they will be criticised or hit the right note that you imagined is, I’ll admit, bloody difficult. Another thing to admit, I wrote a post very similar to this a few months ago and couldn’t commit to pressing the post button. I was writing with a sense of fear. As I am sure you know that, that is not the place that our greatest work can be set free.

Reading Tara Mohr’s book ‘Playing Big’, I can undoubtedly see that this feeling she describes as ‘Yirah’ is one of the most uncomfortable feelings that we try to hide away from. It is the type of fear that pushes us to greater things rather than the fear of spiders for instance. Even so, even this motivation to grow into a greater space doesn’t feel safe so we choose security over experiencing all that life offers. In general we play small and we actively hold ourselves back. Instead we should be working towards embracing that feeling and actively seeking it in order to move forward, expand the opportunities and realise our ambitions.

I feel ‘Yirah’ right this second. On the edge of my re-launch I worry about my readers reactions, or even if there will be reactions. I worry that my truth will not resinate or that this time, energy and investments are in vain. I should be excited and yet a sizeable part of me wants to hold back, delay and keep it under wraps.

However, I do know better. There is a logical part of me (deep deep down I am sure) that knows to be authentic and play big, I need to do more than dream big. We all do. Want to take the jump with me?