Too many ideas & too little time

Too many ideas & too little time | Rebecca Hawkes Diary

Welcome back to the new year and what we all hope will be brand new shine selves. Yes, like most people, I have taken this time to reflect and ponder what I would like to get out of the next twelve months.

Back in August I contemplated writing a post on the theme of ‘you have more time than you think’. I even created graphics to go alongside but ironically I ran out of time to put pen to paper, or fingers to key board. Yes, how the mighty have fallen! These dark and cold winter’s months I find it difficult to get out from beneath the covers at a respectable time.

But it is January, it’s a fresh start and I have hope for this year. I am bound too over-commit and have far too many ideas than I have hours in the day but I have a plan. A battle plan if you like. And I plan to fill these 12 months with opportunities and pushing myself to new successes.

I hope to share my actionable list’s with you over the next few weeks so hopefully you too can make this your best year yet!