You don’t hate Monday’s

People who hate Mondays, don't hate Mondays. They hate their Jobs | Rebecca Hawkes

Truthbomb! I heard this quote the other week and it really sat with me. We hear a lot of motivational quotes these days. They are probably the most pinned item and almost guarantee a double tap on social media. It is rare that one resonates and sticks. Maybe it’s because this switches up my perspective and maybe it is because I am fortunate to have created a job I love. But I don’t think you or anyone should resent getting up to a brand new day.

We have to pay the bills, we have to get by, but we also need to thrive and strive towards something that fills us with joy. I have days where I am in a slump and with the dark mornings I too resist taking my feet out from outside the covers, but what I hate even more is wasted days. Day’s that go by without meaning. When the sun sets and the laptop is only just getting fired up. Monday’s shouldn’t be avaoided but embrased like every single day. No regrets. Just possibilities. Go get your adventure. I am working on mine.



  1. Claudia

    This is so true! Thank you for reminding us.

  2. Michelle Roy

    I absolutely LOVE this! As someone who spent over 20 years in the corporate grind hating a lot more than just Monday ☺ I can completely relate. I finally decided to be my own answer and create the change my family needed. Here’s to doing what you love and living life fully, no excuses/no regrets!