Just One | The simple way to speak to your audience

Just One | Rebecca Hawkes

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Just one thing. Just one thing at a time. We hear this a lot as we try to focus, try not to do all ten things on the to do list at once and try not to keep checking social media on our phones when we are suppose to be doing ‘serious’ work. But with all things, this nugget of wisdom I had forgotten. That was until last Mondays event on ‘Writing Authentically and Growing Online’ with
Marthe Hagen.

I run Out of Studio as a graphic designer and a photographer wanting to grow a creative community. I have worked with clients throughout the years to create unique brand design and fresh looks that reflect the audience they wish to speak to. One of the tips I always share is to think of your audience in a way that will help to identify them and speak to them. Paint the picture of where they grab a bite to eat at the weekend, where they buy their morning coffee, and what do they read while doing so?

On Monday night, Marthe chose to share with us a tip that is similar. One that I am going to share to you because it was so revolutionary to me.

To think of one. To focus in on that one person that is going to read what you put out. That one person that is going to buy your product.

Instead of always focusing on the group, narrow it down until you are writing to just one person. It’s simple, when we are the person recieving the message is speaks directly to us.

Write as though it is a letter to a friend, send out your package as though to a distant relative. Embrace writing and serving a person rather than the plural ‘them’.

To do: Today I am working with this tip by writing to you and I hope that you can also take this tip into your day. It’s simple, and yet so easy to forget.
Just one.