Black Out | Gaining more without spending

Black Out | Rebecca Hawkes

This morning I woke to a feed full of discounts and a world on sale. The day that has become known as ‘black friday’ is here. Chosen as a date for businesses to put on a final sale before the Christmas period and just after American thanksgiving, each year the panic that people go into to buy more and fill their homes with more stuff is overwhelming.

I must admit the idea to get a good deal gets me a bit excited. I do not think there is anything wrong with getting a good price for an item you have needed or coveted for a while and have not been able to afford. That is great and I applaud anyone who manages to get just what they were looking for.

I also think this is a good opportunity to look at the stuff we already have and think about if we really do we need more of it? Do we need to shop, just because we are told to? Instead we can spend a day off social media, in a similar way that Paul Jarvis coins, ‘Going Dark’ when taking time away from the beeps of updates. We can stop comparing our work to those of others, to appreciate what we already have. That’s my plan for the day, and it doesn’t cost me a penny.