Why my new mantra is ‘Dare Greatly’

Dare Greatly by Rebecca Hawkes

What does it mean to you to ‘dare greatly’? And in fact are you? My mornings and evenings have been spent pondering this as I dive deep into Brené Brown’s critically acclaimed book ‘Daring Greatly’. I then spend my days using this as a mantra, testing myself with these questions and willing myself to take courage into my day. Working for yourself and building a business takes such a great courage and there is a very real reason why many don’t succeed. To succeed I believe you must have the ability to stand up to vulnerability and keep pushing into the unknown and the challenges.

I always used to believe that ‘grown ups’ had a plan and an expertise in the subject on ‘life’ . When standing upon smaller legs and with a blossoming imagination, the world of grown ups seemed all-knowing and as though they could do no wrong. Like religions with gods leading the way we had parents, elders and adults to show us the path.

I will tell you a secret. The older I get the more I realise that no-one knows, really, what they are doing. Everyone has a whisper of doubt or a hesitation.

The magic comes from feeling that vulnerability and taking that chance anyway. Believing that you will be caught as you jump into the unknown. Taking on challenges, not because they feel warm and comforting, but instead because those moments are there for us to grow.

Yes, it is safer to stick with what you know. Easier for myself not to share my fears and obstacles with you. To share only my success and not my dark moments when I question my talents and abilities. But I want to grow and I want to create something new out of nothing. I know you want to too.

Brene’s book, has made me aware that vulnerability is not a weakness but one of our greatest strengths. I hope for you that you can ‘dare greatly’ with me and create bolder and bigger than our imaginations ever thought possible.

Creating this design, I used a colour pallet that is brighter in hues that I usually would use, and busier than the safe option I could of turned to.



  1. barbara

    I’m about to go to sleep. And i’ve Had a crush with these words. I’m about to start my new business, and i’v Got a lots of fears and doubts. I’ll read this notes you’ve written as many times I need to make myself sure that my weaknesses is my biggest treasure. Thank you! I’m from Argentina, I hope you understand my English. Sory if there’s some gramatical mistake.

    • Rebecca Hawkes

      I am so glad this post resonated with you! It is, for sure, scary to start something new but when you do so rewarding. Dream big Barbara.

    • Rebecca Hawkes

      So wonderful that this resonated! Thank you for reading.