Introducing | The Weekly Creative Brunch

Introducing | The Weekly Creative Brunch | Branding Rebecca Hawkes

Living the freelance life can often be a solitary one. I usually work from my home studio and in order to get feedback and ideas my interactions usually come from a screen. Don’t get me wrong this can be really fulfilling, especially as a self-confirmed introvert; this can help to focus my ideas and get work done without distractions. I do however think there is a huge benefit to gain from working as a team. Getting feedback on ideas as well as dishing it out, finding inspiration and gaining useful contacts through others are just a few of the benefits of gaining a few colleagues. Nothing creative like this was happening in my city so I decided to make it happen. Welcome in, The Weekly Creative Brunch!

The idea started with meeting with friends for brunch who also work freelance. This was wonderful way to catch up and help each other out. We found that taking the time out each week to reflect on the work we were producing was beneficial and that we could each help each other out in areas we were struggling. But it became a little restrictive as I was only in contact with a small circle of freelancers and quite often our schedules would clash. As a result I decided to open the group up to other creative freelancers in the Oslo area through the website The concept is simple, I set up weekly events for mid-morning where creatives gather so share ideas while getting their morning caffeine fix. Here is just a little feedback from our attendees –

Introducing | The Weekly Creative Brunch | Branding Rebecca Hawkes

If you also live in the Oslo area please join us for inspiration with a side of coffee! Or perhaps want to bring this concept to your own town or city you can send me a little message and I will help you set something up! –

Introducing | The Weekly Creative Brunch | Branding Rebecca Hawkes



  1. Anna Dunleavy

    I love the design created for the Weekly Creative Brunch! I’m actually in the process of wanting to set up something similar in my area, so thanks for the inspiration!