The Links | 16.01.15

The Links | The Good Read Guide 16th January | Rebecca Hawkes Diary

Hello Friday friends! It’s been a busy week for me, in a way that is hard to track. So many small projects and ideas that I get into with gusto, quickly forgetting to do the other things on my list. I guess the washing up can wait and as someone wise pointed out to me this week, never stop creating and never stop thinking up ideas & projects.

While foraging around the internet this week a few beauties popped up for me and here I am sharing the wealth. These links are honestly one of my favourite things to work on each week. Searching for inspirational titbits and finding out what unique businesses and entrepreneurs are up to, really recharges my mood. It also helps that on occasion I can write them from my bed prolonging my toasty feet! This week I am sharing ways to find your dream job, filling your Instagram feed with a new creative to follow, and providing a reading list from Joan Didion. Oh and if you are not having the best day (we all have them), I have also included a link to ‘Send glitter to your enemies’. Although I would not have a sour pout if I received such a thing in my mail…friend or foe, have a great weekend! – X

+ AnOther mag offers up 25 of the best small shops in the UK

+ How to land your dream job when your already so busy.

+ Need some inspiration straight to you Instagram feed? Mariell at Hjartesmil has you covered

+ I am totally lusting over the HP Sprout after this.

+ 28 steal-worthy tips from productivity masters!

+ Now that Joan Didion is The muse in the latest Céline advert, it is about time we all do our reading! Late Afternoon recommend three books to get us started.

+ Mike over at World of Mike shares her tips on how to make your dreams a reality (written in Norwegian but Google translate can help you out)

+ Anyone is in the San Francisco? Can you go drink tea on my behalf?

+ Everyone remembers those moments in life when you decide crafting with glitter is a good idea? Well it is until you keep finding glitter in the weirdest places for the next few months. Take that frustration and send it to your enemies! This idea made me laugh. Send your enemies glitter

+ My new favourite website to find those out which magazines have used which typeface.



  1. mariell.

    thanks for the link, rebecca!

    • rebeccahawkesdiary

      You are more than welcome. I love your blog and is one of the first I turn to each morning! X