New year, new intentions

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There is a popular saying in Norwegian, ‘Ny dag, nye muligheter’, translated as ‘new day, new possibilities’. It is exactly the energy I want to bring forth when welcoming in the new year. 2014 wasn’t always the easiest year for me. I felt I lost myself on the path a little, and on occasion felt I played it a little safe. Right now I am ready for a challenge. I want to create and instead of looking outwardly at so many social media sources and blogs for inspiration, to take the lead from my own unique source, my intuition. It has always been there to guide me but somewhere in the endless updates I forget to just sit down with a pad of paper and draw.

Along with ‘seizing the day’ and all that jazz my mind always turns to food (and not just because I work closely to the kitchen!). When putting forth the steps to create, I always feel my best when my fuel is clean. This means putting down the popcorn and picking up the hummus in times of need! I am plant-based but even so it is something I have taken my eye off in stressful times, when that extra chunk of dark chocolate winks it’s molten eyes at me (btw dark chocolate is a.okay with me in terms of health benefits…just maybe not an entire bar).

Lastly my heart always pines for the road, for new possibilities and to experience new worlds. I feel like my creative spirit glows so much brighter when surrounded with a whole new perspective. I definitely cannot wait to see more and experience more this year and this little free download is a reminder to you too!

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P.S. You may have noticed I played a little with the placement of the phrase ‘eat well, travel often’ so that it can also read ‘eat often’…that chocolate I mentioned earlier may be partially responsible! Read it how you choose to 😉



  1. Saar

    I love this, Rebecca! Dark chocolate surely always knows to find a way into my luggage 😉 You are one clever lady, I look forward to see you use your creative force a lot in 2015! Love from Thailand, Saar

    • rebeccahawkesdiary

      Thank you Saar! X

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