The Links | The Good Read Guide 12th December

The Links | The Good Read Guide 12th December | Rebecca Hawkes Diary
So I currently have a Destiny’s Child Christmas tune on and it is dark at 4pm in the afternoon. Yes it is winter and the holiday season is fast approaching! We are all rushed off our feet and stressed about what to cook and what to eat (if the store I have visited recently have anything to go by). A season of excess. Let’s turn it on its head, as an opportunity to give your friends and family experiences and memories, to spend time with those you love, or perhaps those people that need it most. It is the season for giving but I also feel like it is the season to be grateful. The year is wrapping up (regardless of your religious sentiments towards Christmas or Hanukkah) and it feels pretty good to both look back to wonderful moments and success’ but also to look forward to the new year.
Here is this weeks readable guide to the internet. Covering an advent detox, a round up of the best journals of 2015, and a free downloadable desktop design to make, even your screen feel more festive!

+ You know those vases with faces that have been popping up everywhere with cute flower tufts of hair? Well now you can make one on a budget! If you haven’t seen them then just pretend I am a crazy person and go back to your daily life.

+ In my spare time this week, the Tarafirma tumblr has been keeping my eyes busy.

+ How about an advent detox?

+ Stationary lover unite! Nubby Twiglet has rounded up some stunning 2015 journals to lust over.

+ Katy Smail’s illustrations make life so much prettier.

+ It’s the time of year where everything gets decorated. A ribbon here, a sprig of pine there and a dash of sprinkles. Saffron Avenue have got the goods to make sure your desktop stays just as festive

+ Travel as therapy? Sign me up.

+ I cannot say that I 100% understand how this new way of printing on fabric works (from what I can tell its like creating a cyanotype in photography), but the results look great.

+ Dealing with chronic complainers.

+ These air-brushed invites are beautiful.