The Links | The Good Read Guide 5th December

The Links | The Good Read Guide 5th December | Rebecca Hawkes Diary

Where have I been? Have I fallen off the edge of the Earth? Or gone into hibernation? Perhaps the latter! My days have been busy and my mind feels a little snowed in. I have slowed down on content and I miss it. I want to produce beautiful and inspired content for you readers but it takes a little of getting my head in the right frame of mind. Bare with me! Soon I will be using forklift trucks (if that’s what it comes to) to remove the sleet from my mind and will be back, refreshed and rejuvenated. If like me you would rather use these dark months for endless Christmas playlists, munching on gingerbread and taking naps. Feel free to set aside to sip your hot chocolate while ready this weekly round up of treats.

This week I share creative desk spaces, constellation d.i.ys and how it is (somewhat) scientifically proven to collaborate while dreaming! God Helg! – X

+ Miss Moss shares ‘The Desk Project’. An ongoing series created by Graphic Designer Kaeli Justus, where she illustrates friends, colleagues and in general creative workspaces. The results satisfy curiosity of others spaces and show an insight to how beautiful work can come out of a multitude of set ups.

+ Antoine Henault’s work reminds us that everyday life can be stunning.

+ This week Breanna Rose along with fellow designer Jen Serafini, launched their new venture ‘Be Free, Lance’. The program sounds really exciting for those wishing to jump into the world of the self-employed!

+ “Always remember to fall asleep with a dream and wake up with a purpose”

+ The internet is a-wash with diy ideas and here are just a few that I spotted and would love to get my hands busy with. A constellation runner from Design Sponge. This wooden key holder. And floral body scrubs created by Freutcake would make perfect gifts.

+ How do experts always make things look easy?

+ My all-time-favourite photographer, Tim Walker delivers a new shoot. It is surrealism + Tilda Swinton + Walker. Winning combination!

+ How Not To Suck as a Creative Director.

+ I am very excited that my go-to printers, Moo (Click the link to get 10% off your first order!) will soon be printing letterpress business cards!

+ I like the idea of #givingtuesday as an idea to give back and help people.

+ One thing that all successful people do.

+ Finally, this doesn’t have much to do with design, or style or fashion but I find it fascinating! Scientists demonstrate remarkable Evidence that dream telepathy exists, “suggesting that human beings have the ability to communicate telepathically with another person while they are dreaming”. Collaborative sleeping!