The Links | The Good Read Guide 21st November

The Links | The Good Read Guide 21st November  | Rebecca Hawkes Diary
My fingers are permanently crossed these days. For what? Snow of course! We have been living life, not under a snow globe but a cloud of dark and gloomy weather here in Oslo. Of course we need a sprinkling or a good helping of white icing upon every ledge, roof and pavement to help the sun shine and to make inside feel even more ‘hyggelig’ (my favourite Norwegian word that kind of represents both words ‘lovely’, and ‘cosy’ interchangeably). Of course all this indoor time was made for reading and focussing on inspiring projects, both of which I have enough of to keep myself company. Here are my favourite reads from this week on the internet. I hope you enjoy taking a look over the illustrated highlights of ‘Girls’, take productivity lessons from Jerry Steinfeld and download your very own copy of the Moonrise Kingdom typeface, all in time to make your weekend just as ‘hygge’ as mine!

+ We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here (although I love the concept in giving thanks), but I would most definitely go to any party ready with these cute printable leftover stationary!

+ When is the right time ‘to go freelance’?

+ Overside photo booth prints! Because who doesn’t love a photo booth…

+ I love these moment from the series ‘Girls’ illustrated by Nina Cosford.

+ The typeface designed by Jessica Hische for Moonrise Kingdom is now available to download. Titled ‘Tilda’.

+ 8 Ways to Boost Your Blog Presence When You’re Bored

+ We should be taking notes from the Germans. Why Germans Work Fewer Hours But Produce More: A Study In Culture.

+ Julia Kostreva’s new series of collaborations would look perfect on my dresser, on my walls and around my neck!

+ I’ve employed Jerry Steinfeld’s tip for productivity and so can you! Inspiration sometimes comes from unlikely places.

+ This tutorial by June Letters is perfect for any hand-letter enthusiast. So simple to boot!

+ Grey days in Oslo this week have lead me design a ‘Grey Days’ , and ‘Room 1710’ editorial layout for Volt Café.