The Links | The Good Read Guide 7th November

The Links | The Good Read Guide 7th November
Busy days drifting away. But boy are they good ones! Coming home always has its charm. There is a reason the word ‘home’ is often followed by ‘comforts’. My comfort is of course spending time with my nearest and dearest but also, for me I take great joy in a new adventure. This week I have decided to become a tourist in my old ‘stomping ground’, seek out new paths and meeting new people. I spur you on to step out an discover something new this weekend!
To get you off to a good start how about reading these links on how to spot a lie, win a little Frankie magazine reading material, learn French and get your work published in Intern magazine! Have a great one – X

+ How to spot a lie.

+ Jessica Hische shares her tips on productivity with the Ultra-schedule

+ Win a copy of Frankie Magazine’s Spaces Volume 2 book over at Sfgirlbybay. Yes please!

+ How to learn French in 17 Days!

+ Always an inspiration, The Veda House blog shares valuable sources for freelancers.

+ Intern magazine is not only a beautifully printed magazine, but one that prides itself on highlighting and promoting young talent. Good news is they are looking to publish your work! If you are just starting out, a student or (as the title suggests) an intern they are looking for

+ A step-by-step guide to setting up your own freelance career

+ Rent desk space in your local studios. Sometimes they advertise free desks too!

+ Some days we all need this. How to get shit done even when you’re totally unmotivated. And then most days you need these!

+ If you’re like me, ticking of a to do list is a daily ritual. Well here’s the history of those lists and how to create one that works.

Image Source – Glamour Spain August 2012