The Links | The Good Read Guide 17th October

The Links | The Good Read Guide 17th October  | Rebecca Hawkes Diary

Yuck, yuck, yuck! If you look out the window in Oslo today, this is likely to be your reaction. It is cold at about 0 degrees (celsius), windy, grey skied and with many droplets falling from them, continuously. It enough to have me grasping at my vitamin D bottle in fear that this weather will not pass. There is, however, a positive or a silver-lining (if you will excuse the weather related pun!) that this is the best weather to ‘hunker down’ with your cosiest clothes, a pair of slippers, turn your bed into a camp and set yourself up for a weekend spent with a good read. Lucky for you I have just the thing to get your weekend started right! This weeks guide features movie tips from Martin Scorsese, a garbage mans insight to modern Egypt and organisation tips for entrepreneurs. Have a great weekend! – X

+ Moving home is never easy. Especially if you take inspiration from a snail and take your home to your new destination. The moving homes of SF.

+ Martin Scorsese creates a list of 39 essential foreign films for a young filmmakers.

+ For anyone as fascinated with food and nutrition as I am, here is a free course!

+ ‘Don’t judge me by my Instagram account!’ Garance Doré has words with Instagram vs. Real Life.

+ What the Garbageman knows. A fascinating tale of modern Egypt told through the eyes of a trash collector.

+ It is always difficult to know how much to charge for your skills and services. Now you can take a quiz to find out. So incredibly useful although living in Oslo I am aware that salaries are very different from location to location.

+ Surf magazine’s re-design makes me want to pick up a copy, solely for the editorial design. I have only surfed once.

+ The Top 25 Sites For Finding Remote Jobs

+ Braid asks, ‘Are we all as organised as we think we are?’ I know I could do with some pointers. Here they share their organisation tips for creative entrepreneurs.

+ This weeks Volt Café is ‘Man Made’, in title and by me!