The Links | The Good Read Guide 10th October

The Links | The Good Read Guide 10th October | Rebecca Hawkes Diary

I have a confession. I email myself. Sometimes several times a day. This is certainly not to boost my inbox (it doesn’t need help there) but I like to send notes, reminders and most importantly save the links I found throughout the week to create this blog post. Seems a little strange in a time when Evernote (and similar note taking apps) can be found on almost ever device, yet I’ve always found it the easiest place to turn when I need information from my clients or from myself!

Thanks to my brimming inbox I have several treats in store this week. This week’s guide features fashion revelations, a nomadic barber, and how to against the stereotype of masculinity! Have a great weekend – X

+ 21 things creatives wished they had known at age 21

+ Will the magazines of the future be designed in-house or out sourced to design teams?

+ This barber cuts hair in the most unusual of places. A niche idea with beautiful photographic results

+ Big news was sprung on us this week after many rumours. John Galliano is the new creative director at Maison Martin Margiela. An interesting twist of styles this shall be! I really enjoyed reading Ivania’s (of Love Aesthetics) thoughts on the take over.

+ Dear young men everywhere, how to go against the stereotypes of what it means to be a man. Intriging read.

+ 33 ways to stay creative

+ Monumental mountain art that is absolutely stunning, a little scary to look at and can rival any team-work campaign. The ‘making of’ video is fascinating.

+ When I hear the words ‘Raw food’, I think of a bunch of carrots or some juice, in general pretty simple creations. It turns out I am wrong and these delicious looking recipes need to be made and eaten (hopefully by me).

+ 15 of the worlds greatest job perks

Images Source – Fashion Landscape / Vogue Russia September 2014