Give yourself to the mornings

Giving yourself to the morning | Rebecca Hawkes Diary

Giving yourself to the morning | Rebecca Hawkes Diary

Some days, alarm clocks are put to ‘sleep’, a morning shower is optional and breakfast comes perfectly pre-packed. On others, I like to give myself to the morning. It sounds luxurious and romantic, perhaps because I choose to see it that way. On those days I tiptoe out of bed, avoid my inbox and go straight to the kettle for the first brew of the day.

Throughout history creatives have used the morning hours (usually the earliest of these) to create their best work. To be the most productive before even the sun has risen. To paraphrase F.Scott Fitzgerald, ‘ the morning people are different from you and me’. These morning people include some of the greatest minds, Mozart and Georgia O’Keeffe to name a few, and cover a mirage of unusual behaviours. Beethoven enjoyed his coffee so much that he chose to count out 60 beans upon rising. Benjamin Franklin thought it was only fit to greet the day with ‘air baths’, his term for sitting in the nude. While Marcel Proust breakfasted on opium and croissants. Despite their eccentricities, these creators captured that ‘anything is possible’ attitude that each new day brings.

For me delving into the world of blogs, a fiction book that currently has my attention, all while sipping a warm mug of tea is what prepares me for a day of thinking. It takes me out of slumber and out of the social media world for an hour. At least. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the great inspiration to strike while I am at it.

To read more about early risers & gathering the gumption to leave that pillow behind, I found this article an inspiring read.