The Links | The Good Read Guide 3rd October

The Links | The Good Read Guide 3rd October | Rebecca Hawkes Diary

This week I have been stepping outside of my comfort zone. As, like many creatives, I find myself sitting a little more on the side of introvert rather than extrovert. Many are surprised when I reveal that I do not feel comfortable in a room full of people (actually more than 8 is a little too much sometimes), and engaging with strangers is not a hobby of mine. However over the years, while moving to a foreign country and meeting new clients I have embraced these fears, and now I approach them with confidence. This week however I kept into hosting my own meet up and shot a wedding. A lot of pressure let me tell you! My nerves were on high alert, but in the end both that were successful. This week I challenge you to do something new! Get out of your comfort zone, because as I have been told, facing challenges are met with the greatest growth!

Let’s just jump in with the weekend and I have got the tools to get those ideas and thoughts buzzing! This week’s guide features a avocado mint pistachio shake, the three rules to abide by when emailing busy people, and how to have incredible adventures! Have a great weekend – X

+ Assistant is a new fashion magazine that has really peaked my interest. I fully agree in its support of the ‘assistants’ in the industry and looking to them as the next generation of innovative creators.

+ The three rules to abide to when emailing a busy person

+ A super cute pin to support the Internet!

+ Mr Lagerfeld really got everyone talking this week when models at his Chanel s/s15 show hit the catwalk in a mock protest. Some loved the parade and others felt it was insensitive in a time of great unrest in the world. I find Susie Bubbles take on it, fascinating.

+ Are we facing the death of ‘adulthood’ in American culture?

+ It may feel a little out of season (in Scandinavia at least) right now but I still have the hots for this avocado mint pistachio shake!

+ Have adventures and stay curious.

+…And if you need a reminder on how to stay curious, just ask more questions.

+ If your Instagram feed is anything like mine, you will have seen many bloggers photographing still life’s upon white marble. Weird trend, right? Apart from I actually think it looks nice…so instead of investing in some real stone here’s the (cheap) trick! Marble backdrop DIY.

+ Meet the NASA team monitoring craft whose mission ended 34 years ago.

+ Do you sometimes feel like some days a dark cloud is following you?



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