The Links | The Good Read Guide 26th September

The Links | The Good Read Guide 26th September | Rebecca Hawkes Diary

I think this week went by faster then last. I heard a theory that the days seem longer when you are a child as you are constantly learning and challenging yourself, so as adults we should inspire to do the same. Let’s aim to take on more challenges and make big changes. After all life is suppose to be an adventure. Let’s just jump in with the weekend and I have got the readable groceries in! This week’s guide features a book themed mixtape, free fashion magazines, and the best cities to live & work remotely! Have a great weekend – X

+ Let’s read fashion magazines all weekend. Over at Issuu.

+ Using problems to solve problems. Duolingo is great free language learning tool that I hope will bring out a Norwegian version soon!

+ For travel loving freelancers everywhere! The Nomad List : The best cities to live & work remotely.

+ I need to start packing lunch everyday now I have seen these beautiful designs.

+ This week I jumped on the boat. If you haven’t heard of the site, it is a social media website that encourages people to make contacts and friends in real-life. Simply join or make a group and go and meet some interesting people! So great when traveling to new cities, meeting friends and gaining contacts. I just started a brunch meetup page for freelance creatives in Oslo. Stop by and grab a tea with me!

+ This is the best perfume packaging I have seen.

+ Mixing Music with books with this mixtape themed for the London & New York Book Fairs.

+ Who knew that it was National (US Based) Chicken Month? Who makes up these things? I love what Vegetarian Ventures had to say on the subject. Don’t feed yourself more chickens instead lets celebrate what amazing creatures they are…oh and eat of her incredible recipes!

+ I am loving this idea to design your own tote with words from your own poem. Print Poetry gives you just that opportunity and 5 people will win and have their poems printed.

+ The Monocle Guide to Good Business looks gooood!

+ If you are done with all these links head over to Pugly Pixel. Such great reads!

Image Source – Aline Weber by Annemarieke Van Drimmelen for Vogue Netherlands July 2014