The Links | The Good Read Guide 19th September

The Links | The Good Read Guide 19th September | Rebecca Hawkes Diary

Friday. It’s friday again? Gosh time flies. Almost time for the weekend and I have got the readable groceries in. This week’s guide features productivity tips, a Karlie Kloss’ cookie recipe, and self-worth in a can! Have a great weekend – X

+ Need to create more? Reply to email? Eat some food and sleep as well? I hear you! Here are 15 productivity tips to get stuff done.

+ Who doesn’t like receiving surprise presents in the mail? Quarterly Co let’s you order a box of surprise goodies curated by cultural icons. The GQ pack looks pretty awesome!

+ i.D Magazine asks, Can fashion help save the world?

+ Do you want to be an ‘escapologist’?

+ Constantly checking social media? I know I can be guilty of this. From the ever-inspiring Zen Habits, we are given tips on how to overcome the need for instant gratification.

+ Haruki Murakami: ‘I’m an outcast of the Japanese literary world. Critics, writers, many of them don’t like me’

+ A bit late to the game with this recipe but with it being fashion week season, I conclude we all need the recipe for supermodel, Karlie Kloss’ cookies! Plus points? They are gluten free and vegan!

+ Anyone need any ‘self-worth’? Now available in a can. 

+ Why experimentation is essential to creative living.

+ It is already September so the question is, how to spend the rest of 2014?