The Links | The Good Read Guide 12th September

The Links | The Good Read Guide 12th September

It has been a busy week over in my studio with plenty of books read, ideas created and layout designed. It has been Organic Beauty Week over at Volt Café, so accordingly we have realised innovative beauty editorials every single day! I will share all my designs soon but in the meantime hop on over and get inspired.

Now it is Friday, and I know what happens. Beer is in the fridge, the work day is wrapping up and thoughts of the weekend possibilities rotate on the mind. I have a great idea to get you started! Settle down with a cup of tea or coffee, and take a look through the best bits the internet has to offer. This week’s guide features the power of meditation, an imaginary world of grids, and exploring creativity in the digital age! Have a great weekend – X

+ Get lost in a world of grids (in the best possible way)

+ Guilty as charged? 7 Strategies for Facing Your Internet/TV Addiction

+ Ever since the ‘abundance bowl’ came into my world, it has been a dished I have made over and over, craved and devoured. My New Roots is back with a late summer version!

+ I wouldn’t mind filling my home with all these beauties!

+ Briefly, reimagining the brief

+ The importance of writing, as a designer.

+ Have you ever wanted to hide away your table by turning into a table? Probably not but it looks like someone had this brainwave and created this diy. Perfect for small apartments.

+ Myself and tea have a exclusive relationship. Other people agree.

+ The power of meditation kind of blows my mind (literally?)

+ I want to give this store in San Francisco all my money

+ Exploring creativity in the digital age

Image Source Renate Torseth