Cheating on Fall with Autumn

Cheating on Fall with Autumn | Rebecca Hawkes Diary

Living abroad (from the UK) I often hear Norwegian using American words over the English. I cannot blame them with most television programs and films coming from the US. Although I cannot help but chuckle every time my boyfriend asks if his socks match his ‘pants’ (in UK we would say ‘Trousers’). ‘Fall’ and ‘Autumn’ are one example of interchangeable words, but either way this is a season that ever year I have a love affair with.

Yes the rain may have poured down last night and yes I may have left my windows open resulting in a wet indoor mess but the season is edging into its fireworks stage. Leaves are crunching underfoot in all the best shades, I can enjoy a cup of tea while under a blanket and once again I can encase my legs in black tights. While the previously mentioned rain was beating down on my windows last night I decided to get out my scissors, a stack of saved magazines and get creating. Always creating with no end result in mind. These slivers of paper get trimmed, turned upside down and repositioned several times over until I’m happy to cement them together with a stick of glue. It’s similar to how I work with design on the computer but more tactile and versatile to change (however some ‘cuts’ are irreversible on paper, whereas on screen there is a back button).

Autumn is also a season that spells out ‘new stationary’ to me. It’s all those years of ‘back to school’ fever, that have left a lasting impression. Plus any excuse for a new notepad. In the spirit of the fresh new page, here is Septembers calendar ready to send to your printer and stick up on a wall, or maybe even slip into that new 2014-15 diary!

Autumn Free Productivity Calendar | Rebecca Hawkes Diary

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