The Links | The Good Read Guide 1st August

The Links | The Good Read Guide 1st August  | Rebecca Hawkes Diary

Oh sweet Friday and now sweet beautiful August! Welcome to the first ‘The Links’ post of this month. A month that has always stolen my heart with easy relaxing days away from school playgrounds, bright early mornings and the excitement of being in my birthday month! Writing up this blog post for you every week is always a joy. It gives me an excuse to read through blogs in the morning while sipping a cup of tea and now I get to share with the hope that these links will inspire you too.This week features a recipe for beauty tea, teaching yourself through theft and 9 things designers do that they will never admit! Have a great weekend – X

+ I love organisation, especially when it comes to interiors. Unfortunatley this doesn’t come into fruition in my everyday life but I can live vicariously through Casey Neistat‘s red box system.

+ Brew your own beauty tea!

+ Fascinating. 9 things designers do that they will never admit.

+ I think it is wonderful how recently, woman’s equality is coming to the forefront. This link is a response to those who want to be seen as ‘anti-feminist’.

+ Drinkable books!

+ Stealing is most often frowned upon, for good reason, however Paul Jarvis explains how theft and iteration could be the best tools to teach yourself new skills.

+ I cannot wait to try this recipe for raspberry ripple buckwheat porridge. It looks like a winner!

+ This week I joined the bike club! Only problem is the possibility/enevitability of flashing passers by…So ‘Penny in yo Pants!’ an ingenious way to solve the problem.