The Links | The Good Read Guide 18th July

The Links | The Good Read Guide 18th July | Rebecca Hawkes Diary

Welcome to this weeks of readable treats from the internet. This week features magical selfies, how to train your brain for happiness and a salted date caramel cashew tart recipe with my name on it! Have a great weekend – X

+ Straight from my adopted country! Norwegian girl Helene Meldahl went viral with her amazing mirror-drawn selfies. These selfies are so creative they turn the whole medium on its head.

+ Just want to make your phone pictures pop? Simple here’s a guide!

+ The Anatomy of Brand Identity. Know your ‘wordmark’ from your ‘lockup’!

+ So it turns out you can train your brain for happiness! Something to do while lying in the sun, maybe?

+“Everyone is eccentric,” Maira Kalman says. “You just have to find it.” Portraits in Creativity is a video series I have just found but delight in the opportunity to delve into.

+ Anyone want to come bake these for me? Just the name has me weak at the knees – “salted date caramel cashew tart with mocha graham crust”

+ With this heat-wave never ceasing, my layout for Volt Café this week, seems very fitting.