Moonlighting in a ghost town while dreaming of another


Maria and our rental apartment

Oslo seems very quite. Shops are locked up for summer with cute ‘Gode Ferie’ signs written in chalk on old luggage and I could almost imagine tumbleweed drifting across streets as I wandered through town this morning. You can hear the birds louder over the lack of cars and the city feels content to take a breather without its kinfolk. Unlike most cities that fill up with tourist busses come summer, Oslo takes a different approach as many residence flee to the countryside or warmer climates (although it is looking to be a very warm weekend). Today it was just me and the city. After just coming home after several trips, it is just what I needed.

Speaking of which a few weeks ago I had the pleasure to visit one of my all-time favourite cities, Copenhagen. A city that somehow always puts a smile on my face. Interior stores that have me lusting over every vase, keychain and book, organic foods galore and most importantly friends I feel I can spill my guts to, as well as party on the streets with. I went to photograph my friends final collection and stayed to experience Copenhagen’s street party festival ‘Distortion’, see their photography festival, and of course sip a few cheap beers along the way!


Our rental apartment came with cacti and I enjoyed a smoothie at Granola



We walked and pondered at art in a dilapidated brewery as part of Copenhagen Photo Festival


These shops and store fronts steal my heart





We shared vegetarian mexican food with friends. I made spicy black beans, guacamole and pico de gallo. Was so wonderful to eat, share beers and tell stories of far away places on the map.


We ventured out of the city one day to see the Arken Museum of Modern Art. In what seemed like the middle of nowhere, we walked through suburbia for half an hour to find a wonderful gallery. Luckily the sun shone and we had the gallery as a reward.

The Italian pizza test: Try and bend your pizza, if the base bends easily without cracking, you have a good one on your hand

Afterwards (back in the city) we decided the best place to reward ourselves was a local pizza joint that had customers lining up outside the building. We took one each and sat on a picnic bench near by.


We of course made friends with this one!


‘Skipper’ paintings fill the wall (he was very popular) and beer picnics are a must on sunny days.