The Links | The Good Read Guidebook 20th June

The Links | the Good Read Guide 20th June | Rebecca Hawkes Diary

Welcome to this weeks of readable treats from the internet. This week features a TED approved summer-reading list, tips for young photographers and a blend of David Lynch, philosophy and coffee to get your creative juices flowing! Have a great weekend – X

+ I loved The Grand Budapest Hotel (I even analysed the graphic design) and this film of the creation of the making of a lego constructed replica, a) blows my mind and b) puts hearts in my eyes.

+ TED talks frequently fill my screen and ear buds (the podcast TED Radio Hour is a winner), so this reading list will provide enough inspiration for the whole summer.

+ Fans of David Lynch and coffee, get ready as both combine. Of course.

+ I’ve been following Ryan McGinley’s work for a while (because strangers running around naked in caves, is surprisingly beautiful) and here he offers up his tips for young photographers.

+ 10 places in Europe you need to visit but haven’t hear about

+ Westwood has always spoken a lot of sense. I love her characteristics. A strong, eccentric woman with a fascinating viewpoint.

+ The kings of mind-bending visual videos, Ok Go this week released their newest single with (of course) a video that will see objects from a new perspective. Beware, however, as I might also make you feel a little sea-sick!