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Free Wifi Guide | Grünerløkka Oslo

One of the best techniques I work into my work week is to get out of the house. As a freelance graphic designer I spend endless hours staring at a screen, quite often in sweatpants and worn out t-shirts (and yes I work mainly with fashion clients!). This can lead to getting ‘all up in my head’, being unable to produce clear ideas and create innovative work. The answer is often simple. Pick up a bag, grab a cup of tea and get down to work with ever other freelancer. If you are the type that likes to work with silence, this won’t be the best plan of action for you. But for myself, I delight in a little light chit chat, the faint chime of cups hitting saucers and the change of scenery, bringing with it fresh perspective.

Having ‘run my own show’ (freelance) for the past three years, I have created quite a bit of a repertoire for cafés. I favour good wifi connection speed, friendly baristas and unique interiors over any Starbucks style shop. Here is my guide to one of the most café filled parts of Oslo, Grünnerløkka.Whether you enjoy kicking back with a book, drinking award winning coffee or even long for a German pretzel!

Free Wifi Guide | Grünerløkka Oslo

Near the top of my favourite café list comes Liebling. I have even featured it upon guide and my Best Wishes feature. Taking inspiration from the coffee shops of Berlin, Liebling is full of character. Here you will find nodding dogs, cute sandwich boards, and the friendliest staff. The internet always runs fast and during the week the place will be filled with fellow creatives. Here I have witnessed artists drawing with crayons and had a long conversation with a self-educated philosopher. The café also has a butique within stocking German brand clothing, cookery books, Christmas food packages (in season) and cards. On a good day you can chow down on a freshly baked pretzel and get a lot done!

Free Wifi Guide | Grünerløkka Oslo

Supreme Roastworks
A new discovery to me, but a regular haunt for coffee lovers. Having a reputations for one of the best cups of coffee in Oslo, Supreme Roastworks’ specialise in lightly roasting their beans as to preserve the unique flavour. The coffee can be described as a hybrid between tea and coffee.

If you can grab a seat in the small café itself, you will be treated to vintage tunes and of course a spot of free wifi with your cup of joe (the password is written by the door).

Tip – If you are in any way interested in coffee, these bartenders know their stuff!
An additional insiders tip. I hear they roast their beans on site on a Tuesday, so head that way on a Wednesday morning for the freshest cup!

Free Wifi Guide | Grünerløkka Oslo

W.B. Samson
How did a chain café end up on the list? Well, I have to admit the interior of this store, won me over!
Situated right next to Birkerlunden park, this café is perfect if you want to grab a snack or drink for an impromptu picnic. On chillier days you can easily people watch out of the large windows or if like me you need a little interior inspiration, indulge in the view of subway tiles, concrete and multiple hanging lights.



If you have ever felt the need to roam as far as your feet will take you than this café will you have you reaching for that passport, as fast as you can say ‘matcha soy lattes’! Situated inside a travel store, this café will have you surrounded by books about adventure, while providing a small taste of international tastes on their menu. As you may have guessed I have a penchant for matcha (powdered green tea), but also love being surrounded by inspiration. If you get bored of typing away on your keyboard, you can easily reach for the nearest book and start planning your next trip.


All the cafés featured are relatively small allowing for less distractions and faster internet! Enjoy the surf and maybe I’ll see you around.

All photographs taken by myself while working.



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