The Links | The Good Read Guidebook 25th April


Ready for your weekly round up of readable treats from the internet? This week features lust worthy vegan puddings, the reasons behind irrational behaviour and the one solution to success! Have a great weekend – X

+ Words we probably all need to hear whether a young designer or not.

+ “Your brain in positive works better than when it is in neutral, negative or stress”. Wonderful TED talk on how becoming happy can actually help you become successful, not the other way around.

+ This free course may have already started but its not too late to jump on board! The Macromedia University is offering a free online course on Design Thinking. I’m intrigued.

+ I am in love with this food blog I found this week! Oh Ladycakes has the goods with indulgent vegan recipes. Currently lusting over the chocolate mousse pie with peanut butter whip.

+ Why can people behave irrationally? This article looks at why physiologically clever people can do dumb things and good people can act evil.

+ How to spring clean your iPhone! Surely something I need to do pronto. Also a fabulous selection of free wallpapers to download.

+ What is holding you back from success? Time think they’ve found the answer in one solution!

+ Paul Jarvis’ ‘lessons in creativity‘ gives simple advice for sustainable (and sane) living while remaining creative.

+ Put simply, ‘…here’s how to get crap done’ from Zenhabits