Spotlight On // Patrick Fitzgerald



If you are a reader of Kinfolk (if you are not, I highly recommend picking up a copy) or their newly released book The Kinfolk Table, you will be familiar with the photography of Parker Fitzgerald. I have spent quite a bit of time looking at his work but had never put a name to the page. I am however glad to have discovered this artist and his blog filled with un-published imagery.

Fitzgerald’s work both captures raw beauty, often pairing subjects with flowers or in nature. The imagery appearing analogue, distilling old traditions and along with them old stories. Each image takes us on adventure, into a world where flowers grow from ice cream cones and faces, the people in front of the lens tell their own stories, it certainly feels as though there is a story behind every frame. The mood is calm and still. He captures a world where we can all stay for a moment and enjoy the present as well as the past.

For me, I look forward to enjoying more of Fitzgerald’s work while delighting in new issue of Kinfolk, taking time to pause, take a sip of tea, and appreciate the beauty of his photography. See more and find out more over at his blog.