Grey Day, Sunshine for your Ears

Grey-Day-Listening-for your ears. My favourites from the Podcast World

A few weeks ago while in London, I was flustered. Racing around the central streets in the rain, I had a list of things I needed to buy while visiting and little time. Stopping by one of the best department stores in my home city, Selfridges, many of these requirements could be ticked off the list (they have a fabulous magazine section and yes that is high up on my list of priorities). I picked up the essentials (Rika and Kinfolk magazine) and went to pay. What could of been a unmemorable experience turned into one that put a smile on my face. The young boy serving me immediately asked how my day was. Simple. As soon as I spoke about the weather outside (Britishness and all) he continued to tell me, with enthusiasm and glee, about his love for walking in the rain. Such a rarity to find someone in London not complaining about the weather (come rain or shine), instead his delight filled his whole face with a beaming smile. He would go home that afternoon, put on a raincoat, and walk wherever his feet wanted, just to appreciate the water falling from the sky.  I left Selfridges that day with an appreciation that any weather could be seen as marvellous. Today as the rain pours down in Oslo I cannot help to think that in the same situation this boy would be pulling on boots in a hurry to celebrate!

Some days, however, are grey no matter what the weather is like outside. Popping to the shops for groceries, walking to cafés, and attending meetings across town are all parts of my everyday life. These aren’t always fun or exciting ventures but ones I have found a way to learn and inspire myself. Simply by popping some buds in my ear. Here are some of my favourite audio rays of sunshine:

Grey Day, Sunshine for your Ears. Best of Podcasts. Rebecca Hawkes Diary

+ Rich Roll Podcast
A surprising source of creative inspiration considering this podcast was created by an ultra-marathon runner. Rich Roll focuses upon interviewing leading health advocates, athletes, spiritual leaders as well as aspirational speakers. The aim of the podcast is to enlighten its listeners and hopes to inspire us to make changes to our own lifestyle. Even if you a re not interested in health (although your body would probably love if you were!), I have learnt so much from the interviewees on this podcast. This includes (but not in its entirety) the benefits of meditation, how to approach the day to achieve the most with your time, and how to seize every opportunity.

+ Monocle – The Menu
Only just finding The Monocle’s (multiple) podcasts this week, I am relitely new to them. So far I am delighting in hearing the British accents (it becomes very ‘BBC when you have become unaccustomed) and as a foodie am enjoying this podcast and most probably going to grab a bite to eat!

+ Monocle – The Stack
Focussing on publishing and magazines, this podcast is a great way to stay up to date on development in the world of printed pages. Print is, certainly, not dead.

+The TED Radio Hour’ from NPR
This Podcasts brings you the best snippets of TED talks into one place. Taking speeches from across all subjects and interests and bottling them down to an hour long show focussed on just one theme. Want to know about ‘success’? There is a podcast for that, and in it you will hear from all the most relevant speakers and their ideas on it and how to achieve it. Always inspiring and always fascinating to see the world from one of their speakers perspectives.

+After The Jump’ by Designsponge
A fresh, spanking new design podcast! New to the field and already one of the first I play as soon as its downloaded. ‘After the Jump’ looks at working within the design industry from those who do! I truly recommend this podcast as a source of inspiration (they speak about where they find theres) and support as they guide you as to what to expect from the industry.

+ The James Altucher Podcast
Another podcast that has only just hit the radio airways. James Altucher, (well known for his work on his blog ‘The Altucher Confidentual’ ), has just launched his podcast and is already receiving rave reviews. James speaks with interviewees that look at the world in a unique way and grab opportunities. Where this is by using self-publishing avenues or even down to how to become 10% happier. I look forward to seeing more from this podcast!

+ Monocle – The Urbanist
A podcast focusing on travel and the development of cities and places. This podcast sounds like the pages of The Monocle magazine, but to me it seems easier to digest. Perhaps because each article is not fitting for attention on one page but instead given its own platform to speak.

No matter what you listen to I hope that you are looking forward to putting on your boots and enjoying the grey day no matter what the weather!