Creative Mornings Oslo | Anti Design Studio


The sounds of crickets ring in my ear, it is my phones alarm telling me that at 6am it is time to wake up. Earlier than my usual rise but for once I am excited to leave the house before the sun gets up. Not even early morning flights get me out of bed these days with so much gusto. Green tea on the go, new stationary picked out and popped into my bag along with my camera and then I’m out the door. This was the morning of my first Creative Mornings talk.

Creative Mornings describe themselves as ‘a breakfast lecture series for the creative community’ and similarly to TED talks, CM talks are held all across the globe. The idea is simple, gather creative people together before work to discuss ideas, with an aim for everyone to go home inspired. Of course these events are great opportunities to find out about an industry you may never of heard about, bounce your own ideas off other creatives, spark a passion and network with others (which if you are like me can be difficult sometime when you choose to work from home). If you cannot make an event near you, or really you prefer the comfort of your own home then the Creative Morning website has you covered, with videos from talks held all over the globe. On just a quick look through the site these caught my eye: The Top Ten Things I Wish I knew when I Graduated College, The Green Kitchen Stories talk and this inspiring, upbeat talk from Bri of Designlovefest on her creative journey.


Waiting in line with eager, tired eyed attendees I was informed of this months CM theme, ‘Rebel’. To fit with this concept we were encouraged to tear through brown paper to enter the event. Given the 8am start time, and an un-sure, half awake crowd it was more of a slow peel away to reveal this months venue. Underneath the packaging however we were met with delightfully packaged sandwiches, hot drinks and pink lemonade. Seats were taken and the show was set for the ‘Rebel’ talk, presented by the Creative Director of Anti.

Put two and two together it is not too difficult to see from the start that an agency called ‘Anti’ fits into the ‘Rebel’ theme. This was the basis of the talk. Headed by Erik Heisholt (our speaker), Anti is a design agency based here in Oslo. Their aim is to switch things up, create the unexpected and as Erik pointed out throughout his talk, this is a challenge and an opportunity in todays design world.




A challenge; brands need a lot of energy when technology and culture and changing and advancing so rapidly. But in response, an opportunity; to get technology savvy creatives involved from day one with your projects to push an idea to its fullest potential. And so Heisholt continued to share his experiences within creating a design agency that aims not to play safe by knowing what you are rebelling against.He made it clear that if you are not taking a risk with your work, then you are playing safe, this is waisting your time and your clients money.



Anti’s portfolio on Behance | Featuring rainbow coffee, own brand vodka and unlimited inspiration

“Visual design is more important than ever” when technology allows viewers to be occupied at all time; we are communicating with images. Upon asking where inspiration is to be found when you are always looking to create something new, I got a simple and complicated answer. Everywhere. To be inspired you should observe everything around you. Observe life. Look outside of the design world, what others are creating and printed pages. Go out and watch people. Including watching football matches for inspiration.

My take away –

+ Being a creative has never been more challenging

+ Brands need a lot of energy as culture and technology are always changing

+ Create a culture of making things. Instead of grabbing a coffee use the time to create.

+ “Work is a constant experiment”

+ Don’t play safe. You’re just waisting time.