The Links | The Good Read Guide 21st February


+ Around Christmas time I decided to make my pooch a little extra for his stocking. I found a recipe for vegan peanut butter biscuits, but I wish this recipe was around then, I be the does too!

+ No I live in Oslo and am no longer secluded to an Island (England) I often get the urge to wander. My recent lust was for Göteborg. A mere three hours away by bus this city is made magical by Sandra’s guide.

+ As a I have said previously, judging a book by its cover isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I never realised how much the book covers change from the UK and US to attract different readers.

+ Hjartesmil (‘heart smile’ if you translate from Norwegian to English) has the goods when it comes to dreamy photography this week.

+ David Airey’s blog for designer knowledge is perfect for design student, and designers who want to refresh their knowledge or learn more.

+ Last week blogger and designer Nubby Twiglet posted an inspiring article entitled ‘5 resources for continuing your graphic design education’ , from here I followed the link to Skillshare. So far I have taken up a class on branding and plan on teaching myself hand lettering.

+ Sometimes spending time on Facebook can be rewarding (note. very rarely), through following the talented plant-based athlete Rich Roll, I found this stunning film. Inspiring, motivational and uplifting to anyone living a creative lifestyle. Rich Roll follows this up with his own story on how the film inspired him with this equally stunning sentimental response.