Spotlight On // Joanne Szproch



I am not sure when I first became aware of Joanne Szproch‘s work. It may have been during a prowl for inspirational images on the internet, taking me from online magazines to tumblers and back again; but I was happy to find her work stashed away in a folder on my computer for safe keeping. Szproch, a German fashion photographer shooting for the likes of Polish Elle, Contributor magazine as well as unusual titles such as ‘Buttwrap’ couldn’t help but capture my attention. She photographs free beings having fun and enjoying life, while of course being exceptionally beautiful in only a way models can (no matter how much I try to fool myself, I can not look this good with cake across my face). Her images are filled with paint splattered babes, bright hues and create realities within the lens; depending on how you choose to look of them, they live somewhere between dreams and nightmares.



Joanna Szproch | Rebecca Hawkes Diary4