Between the Lines | Januarys Collection


As time passes I become more and more disinterested with spending alone time with the television. I like watching a film with someone or an occasional tv program but I always become to restless to sit still and not do something at the same time. Having company helps, but when on my own or indulging in my introvert nature, I love the printed page. Stories, a read from my favourite author, Haruki Murakami who paints a surrealist story inside your mind, teasing your imagination but also making the story seem entirely plausible. Beautiful, awe-inspiring editorials from Tim Walker will always send my heart into a frenzy Articles from Kinfolk that inspire the child inside who longs to idle through life, daydreaming and making bedroom fortes (with a longing to move to Portland to grow vegetables and cycle everywhere). And, as always, the magpie searching for inspiration on design books and buying publications due to their beautiful art direction, hello Rodeo magazine! So many ways to fill my time with the printed page, i felt it only right to share my favourites from the month of January.


The creation between Yayoi Kusama (for more information on her work see here), George Clooney, and Emma Tempest was a golden nugget of an idea! The art direction of this shoot has gone to create my favourite cover of this year (so far, it is only February) and has taken centre stage upon the screen of my iPad. Memorably, quirky and a dashing man tick a lot of boxes for me.




In the same issue of W, Tim Walker pulls out all the stops with this mermaid inspired shoot. In the past I was known for buying every publication that featured Walkers work, and although I have pulled back since that obsessive fan era, I would of bought this issue then and now One of the most beautiful shoots Walker has produced of late.





Do you ever pick up a magazine, book, leaflet, poster or newspaper just for the way it has been designed? To be fair I think most ‘judge a book by its cover’, but on most accounts you are unaware what attracts you to pick that one off the shelf. One of the ways that art is present in everyday life and we do not realise we have a preference for design! With this months issue of Rodeo, I was well aware that the stylised lettering and layout was instantly urging me to take a copy home. Since I have found that the ‘line‘ font is available to purchase online. It has been added to my wish list.


On a recent late night prowl of the local library, I came across this gem, ‘Scandinavian Graphic Design’. Already aware of the beautiful Scandinavian aesthetic, seeing it come to life within graphics is very inspiring to me. So many talented agencies based here in Oslo as well as Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland. This book is one to pick up for instant inspiration and if your jaw is need of a dropping and your mind needing a boggling. These peoples ideas are fascinating!




One of my new publication finds (I do not know how it has taken me this long), Kinfolk. After finding a back issue in the sale, this publication has been by my bed ready for Sunday morning pondering or an afternoon’s spare moment, read with a warm beverage. I love the outlook of the publication that turn the issues theme on its head, provides all perspectives and overall inspires its reader to enjoy the present moments of life. Some of my favourite articles from the current issue (Age) are the soft serve menu, how to embrace the old while your still young, and portraits of centurions.