Mood #10


Top to Bottow (Left to Right) | Melanoushka Tumblr, Melanoushka Tumblr, Christian Macdonald for Teen Vogue, Source Unknown, Camera Ledge from ALT online, neoretro tumblr  from Rodeo Magazine, NeverLazy Magazine Issue 12 Winter 13, Melanoushka Tumblr, Eye Long Sleeve Tunic Dress from OASAP, Tattoologist in Rodeo Magazine, Between Peace and Happiness Blog, Momoliving Online, Between Peace and Happiness Blog, Oyster Magazine #103 Fall 2013 by Cara Stricker, Melanoushka Tumblr, ‘Where the Wild Are’ photography by Ceen Wahren for Bon Magazine, Fiona and Twig

Happy thursday evening! Why not celebrate any single moment for no reason at all? Well you can always find a reason.

Tonight I am enjoying working into the dark hours as I spend time alone. Not lonely however as I am making it a little bit into a work party as I celebrate with a beer, orange dark chocolate and season two of Girls. What a good way to work. And fingers crossed the work turns out as equally as good as this evening.

This week I have come across many photographs that have sparked my inspiration. I have not photographed a fashion editorial yet this year but am gearing up for several submissions and with an imminent trip to London I am planning up a storm! One of my favourite things to do now and again is to fill those inspiration banks. I have looked through tumblr’s and blogs, Pinterest and my own files to compile mood boards, but I also find that just getting out the house and experiencing the areas I live in, so insightful. There is something about seeing the world full of opportunities that makes you look at the scenery and people in a whole new light. For example this week I have been admiring how the streets of Oslo look so much quieter and more peaceful against the white of the snow. The white really brings the pastels to light. I love this colour pallet and long to shoot beautiful people within this frozen city but currently as the wonderfully ‘freezing rain’ falls, I do not have the heart to expose anyone to this weather! I hope the snow stays but it warms up a little so I can take some images before winter ends. Not to mention the snow acts thike a huge soft reflector of light. Wonderful!

+ Inspiration brought to you by the ever awe inspiring Mr Tim Walker. I am astounded that I only just came across this.
+ Wit and Delight shares a super simple face mask that doesn’t force you to leave the house for supplies. Also this website design is gorgeous.
+ A little slow on the uptake but Uniqlo shares how to wrap presents with fabric in the most simple but amazing ways. What a nice way to gift a present?
+ I just found this beautifully packaged natural beauty brand. Can I live vicariously through you Americans? They only currently offer shipping within the US.
+ Bri of Designlovefest really inspired me with her Creative Mornings talk on how she made it into the industry. Also check out Creative Mornings as they probably have some great events coming up in your city!
+ I am going to stock up on tea when I’m back in London and Hjartesmil advises on where to get the good stuff!