Spotlight On // Julie Pike



So many times I share with you my weekly (or in busy times monthly) posts title Mood with my current inspiration imagery. However sometimes a photographers work comes onto my radar and I cannot help but go down the rabbit hole of awe. Julie Pike is one of those artists that I can revisit her portfolio many times over and never get bored.

A Norwegian photographer, her work focuses on capturing emotion of her sitter through analogue style photography. The woman she shoots are playful, carefree and full of spirit. I love that in her imagery the models (and other sitters such as actors, bloggers, e.c.t) do not just stand with hands on hip (as common in fashion photography) but they live out their lives in front of the lens. Julie works with analogue photography as well as digital, bringing aspects of film into her digital work. I recently had the opportunity to assist Julie in Oslo. She works in a similar fashion to me harnessing the natural light and becoming creative with props and overlaying textures.

Julie recently released a stunning coffee table book that I cannot wait to get my hands on. You can see a great preview here and the book is available here.

All Images taken from Julie Pikes’ Online Portfolio.